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Hwashin Co., Ltd. is the manufacturing corporation for chassis and body components, based on Hwashin Industrial Corporation which was established in 1969. With the best products and services and the development of new technologies through creative researches, Hwashin Co., Ltd. has played the central role of the automobile component industry in Korea. Through the high-tech information-oriented system with a young challenging spirit and an excellent technical skill, Hwashin Co., Ltd. will become globalized with an advanced level of competitiveness.
Hwashin Co., Ltd.
Establishment Year July 1st, 1975
Capital 17.4 billion KRW (based on the year of 2011)
President Chairman Ho Chung / President Seojin Chung
Number of Employees 992
Annual Sales Hwashin_571.2 billion KRW (based on the year of 2011)
Subsidiaries New Hwashin, Hwashin Precision Industry Co., Ltd., Hwashin U.S.A., Hwashin India, Hwashin Beijing, Hwashin Brazil
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Management Ideology
Management Ideology
1. Creation of Values for the New Future
2. Satisfaction of the Social and Investment Expectation by Creating High-added Values with New Concepts
3. Actualization of Customer's Satisfaction with the Best Quality and Services
4. Providing Opportunities for the Utilization and Development of Abilities and the Continuous Growth and Development of Employees by Returning Benefits to Employees and Forming a Safe and Sound Workplace
5. Preservation and Protection of the Natural Environment
6. Cooperation for the Development of Regional Communities and Actualization of the Model for the Industrial Democracy
7. Contribution to the National Economy and Actualization of the Coexistence and Co-management of Corporations through the Well-intentioned Competition among Corporations
Locations for the Subsidiaries of Hwashin Group
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Main Office (Eonha Factory) : 412 Eonha-dong, Yeongcheon-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, 770-280 TEL. 054)330-5000 / FAX. 054)331-7568
Bong-dong Factory : 646 Bong-dong, Yeongcheon-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, 770-140 TEL. 054)330-5500 / FAX. 054)335-0886
Technology Research Center : 474-1 Eonha-dong, Yeongcheon-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, 770-280 TEL. 054)330-5000 / FAX. 054)335-0176