ECO-Friendly & EV CAR

Hwashin’s high-tech products establish new standards of selecting an automobile

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Hwashin, a manufacturer that produces components which play an important role in durability, driving quality, and excellent fuel efficiency.

Hwashin is striving for mass production of eco-friendly finished automobiles with light materials, material diversification, and optimized design.

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Digital Cluster
Digital Cluster
Customizing User-Interface
Battery remaining capacity with 10 columns
Vehicle driving status
Various information
└차Vehicle system error, voltage, current
└Mileage, driving time and vehicle identification number
EWP(Electric Water Pump)
EWP(Electric Water Pump)
Cooling for batteries, inverters and motors of electric vehicles : one integrated module with a 3-Phase BLDC motor, a circulating pump and a controller
High efficiency, low noise
Sensorless algorithm applied, CAN, PWM
Driving safety and EWP durability improved by enhanced fail safety function algorithm(patent registered)
MCU(Motor Control Unit)
MCU(Motor Control Unit)
3-Phase BLDC, PMSM motors trapezoidal and sinusoidal control
Sensored / FOC(Field Oriented Control)
Torque / speed / position control
Fail safety function : overvoltage, overcurrent, overload
└└ Countermeasures responding to errors by monitoring the vehicle status and driving related information
Self-developed magnetic encoder
150W grade high frequency transformer
Converter circuit applied with PUSH-PULL topology
Cooling case based on thermal analysis
Soft start, reduced ripple noise
Power stability ensured for protection functions
BCU(Body Control Unit)
BCU(Body Control Unit)
Vehicle input and output signal processing
└Lamp control
└Input switch (P, R, N, D) control
└Speed regulation and braking
CAN Communication : Easy to identify the causes of input and output problems