Quality System

Hwashin’s high-tech products establish new standards of selecting an automobile.

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Quality Philosophy

Smart Quality, Making Dream Hwashin Smart quality is the future of Hwashin.

Quality Principles

  • 01 Quality is
    the promise
    we made
    for customers.
  • 02 Quality is
    secured from
    the basic.
  • 03 We never
    defective goods.
  • 04 When a problem
    occurs, we take
  • 05 We think at
    the site and
    the quality.

Quality Vision

  • 2013 Achieve Quality
    Five Stars
    quality activities
  • 2014 Realize
    premium quality
  • 2015 Construct best
    quality brand

Quality Strategy

BSQ 5 · 3 · 7 (Basic & Smart Quality)
By considering the basics important and conducting smart quality management
  • Achieve Quality Five Stars in one year
  • Realize premium quality with the three-quality innovation activities in two year
  • Construct the global quality management system of seven subsidiaries in three year
※ Three-Quality (Quality of product, quality of system, and quality of human)

Quality System

In order to construct the quality assurance system, Hwashin regulates and performs the responsibility, authority of the related departments, and procedures for distribution of human and material resources in accordance with the CEO quality policies and quality standards such as QS-9000.

  • Quality
    Policy Suggest the policies and direction of quality
  • Quality Manual Conditions according to
    the application of the quality system
  • Procedure & Manual Describe the company’s
    activities to perform
    the elements of
    the quality system
  • Quality Rcords (Work order, form, report, etc.)Detailed
    evidence for the
    of the quality
  • Apply the APQP for the entire process, encompassing from product development planning to mass production, by CTF
  • Identify the fundamental causes of non-compliances occurring during process and perform improvement actions to prevent reoccurrence
  • Continuously manage process and perform improvement actions based on the SPC and Six Sigma activities
  • Continuously check the performance of work procedures and remedy its shortcomings to determine the suitability of the conditions of the established quality system

Certificates: Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental

  • ISO 9002: November 1995 (the UK, Lloyd’s)
  • QS-9000: December 2000 (UL Inc.)
  • OHSAS18001: March 2014 – March 2020
  • ISO/TS16949: December 2004 (UL Inc.)
  • ISO 14001: July 2009 – July 2018
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