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Take-off 2006 ~
Current Time
  • Jan. 2021
    Hyundai Motor Group to be selected as its partner of the year (quality category) in 2020
  • Oct. 2020
    Obtain TISAX Information Security Certification (AL2)
  • Sep.
    Chemical Safety Community Business Agreement (Daegu Regional Environmental Agency)
  • Jul.
    AI-based Smart Factory Business Cooperation Agreement (SK Telecom, SK Planet)
  • Oct. 2018
    2018 Gyeongbuk Fruit of Love Merit Award (Recommended by the Chairman of Gyeongbuk Community Chest of Korea)
  • Jul
    Commendation for Merit in the Prevention of Industrial Accidents (Minister of Employment and Labor).
  • jan.
    Saehwashin Absorption Merger
  • Sep. 2017
    The Best Good Company Selection (North Gyeongsang Community Chest of Korea)
  • Aug.
    2017 Labor-Management Culture Excellent Company Selection (Ministry of Employment and Labor)
  • Jan
    Hyundai Motor Group selected its partner of the year (quality category) in 2016
  • Feb. 2016
    Hwashin Brazilian corporation Hyundai and Kia Motors achieved quality of 5 stars
  • Sep. 2015
    Establishment of Hwashin Chongqing Corporation
  • Jun.
    Establishment of Hwashin Changju Corporation
  • Dec. 2014
    Export Tower Award [$300 million Tower] (Korea International Trade Association/Ministry of Trade, Industry and Trade)
    Saehwa Shin Hyundai and Kia Motors achieved quality 5 stars
    Certification of excellent human resource development institutions
    Commendation of outstanding enterprises for senior employment (Ministry of Employment and Labor)
  • Oct. 2013
    Selected as a 2013 excellent labor-management culture company (the Ministry of Employment and Labor)
  • Aug.
    Achieved Five Stars of Quality from Hyundai & Kia Motors
  • Feb.
    Certified for the information protection & management system(Hyundai Mobis)
    Selected as the best subcontractor of the year 2012 by Hyundai Glovis
  • Jan.
    Achieved Technology Five Stars of Hyundai & Kia Motors
    Awarded the grand prize for the best subcontractor of the year in 2012 from Hyundai Group
  • Apr. 2012
    Selected as a World Class 300 Project company (by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
  • Mar.
    Hwashin Beijing achieved Quality Five Stars of Hyundai & Kia Motors
  • Nov. 2011
    Awarded the grand prize at 2011 Global CEO Award (Korea Academy of International Business Management)
  • Aug.
    Hwashin Precision Engineering Co., Ltd. listed on KOSDAQ
  • Dec. 2010
    Awarded the excellent prize at 2010 Korea Technology Award (from the Minister of Knowledge Economy)
  • Dec. 2009
    Established Hwashin Brazil
  • Nov.
    Received Presidential citation for a company that contributed to commercialization of new technology
  • Oc.
    Registered the trademark of company name ‘Hwashin’ (the Korean Industrial Property Office) → ‘Hwashin’ and ‘HWASHIN’
  • Sep.
    Certified for an excellent HR development institution
  • Nov. 2008
    Received the Prime Minister’s Award for win-win cooperation between major and small or medium business
  • Aug.
    Acquired new technology certificate (CTBA manufacturing technology using the hot press forming method) – the Ministry of Knowledge Economy
  • Feb.
    Received the Minister’s Award for development of the automobile components manufacturing industry from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
  • Dec. 2007
    Moved its technology research institute to the newly established building
  • Jul. 2006
    Received the Minister of Labor’s Award for an excellent organization from the Industrial Safety and Health Committee
  • May.
    Received the iron tower industrial medal
  • Jan.
    Awarded the grand prize for international transaction and credit
Development 1999 ~ 2005
  • Oct. 2005
    Selected as a company with excellent labor-management culture
  • Dec. 2004
    Acquired ISO/TS 16949 and ISO14001 (UL Inc. of the US)
  • Feb. 2003
    Established Hwashin America
  • Nov. 2002
    Established Hwashin Beijing
  • Jan.
    Established Hwashin India
  • Jan. 2000
    Started the operation of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system (SAP R/3)
  • Dec. 1999
    Awarded the Korea’s twentieth-century top 100 technology prize for ‘井’ subframe ass'y
Growth 1989 ~ 1998
  • Jul. 1995
    Established Sae Hwashin Co., Ltd.
  • Mar.
    Changed the company name to Hwashin Co., Ltd.
  • Jan. 1994
    Listed on the Korea Stock Exchange (68150)
  • Jan. 1993
    Completed the construction of a plant and moved its head office to Bong-dong, Youngcheon
  • Dec. 1991
    Founded Hwashin Precision Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Mar. 1990
    Completed the construction of a plant in Eonha-dong, Youngcheon
Introduction 1982 ~ 1988
  • Oct. 1988
    Designated as the first-grade quality control plant by the Ministry of Industrial Promotion
  • Aug. 1987
    Established a company-affiliated technology research institute (No. 564 by the Ministry of Science and Technology)
  • Oct. 1985
    Won the Saemaeul Citation (No. 627) from President Chun Doo-hwan
Quickening 1975 ~ 1981
  • Jul. 1979
    Designated as an automobile component manufacturing plant (No. 164 by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
  • Jul. 1975
    Founded Hwashin Manufacturing Corporation