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We introduce the beginning of automobile component technology of Hwashin.

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For developing components of a new automobile, we rapidly manufacture and supply a prototype according to customer requirements using a prototype mold or Jig at the preparing stage. After reviewing the manufacturing validity (formability, assembiliy, welding distortion, coating, mass production, etc.), we induce design improvement by finding problems and giving feedback. As a result, we contribute to initial stabilization of mass production quality and a reduction in development period and costs.


When developing a new automobile, we construct a quality verification system proper for mass production by rapidly manufacturing a prototype using a prototype mold, autonomously verifying the formability and assembility of design components in advance, and applying the result for product design and process design at the initial stage. In addition, we secure quality in advance by reducing the development period and costs.

  • Manufacture a prototype using laser cutting M/C
  • Provide a quality-verified prototype to customers
  • Secure perfect quality using a three-dimensional measuring instrument
  • Manufacture a prototype with a welding robot considering mass production
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