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We introduce the beginning of automobile component technology of Hwashin.

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Hwashin designs chassis components and modules, based on its accumulated design skills, and is doing its best for cost reduction and quality improvement through efficiency and simplification by reducing the required design time and improving design productivity with VPM (Virtual Proto-Type Model).

Hwashin designs a product using solid model on computer same as its actual figure, based on its accumulated experiences on product design and development, and manages master data. Constructing DMU (Digital Mock Up) that can be used to review the assembled condition and interference in the virtual space by composing a module or entire system with designed items and peripheral parts, the company verifies potential problems that can occur during production in advance and reduces development costs and time.

  • We design products that satisfy the quality and conditions (function, performance, durability, prime cost, weight, and productivity) required by customers.
  • After designing a product considering customer requirements, we review potential problems at the design reviewing stage and reflect the results.
  • A design review refers to work conducted for benchmarking and durability analysis using various tools.
  • After a design review, a prototype is manufactured to conduct the reliability test for design verification.
  • If the customer requirements including performances and functions are satisfied at design verification and there is no