We introduce the CI containing the spirit and value of Hwashin.

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Meaning of CI (corporate Identity)

The symbol of Hwashin which was manufactured in the late 1970s after the establishment of Hwashin Manufacturing Center is still being used with a different company name. The symbol embodies 'H' and 'S' from the English name of Hwashin.

The design contains the characteristics of the mechanical industry together with the corporation ideology which is endlessly advanced. By applying the symbol and CI used for the first time after the establishment of Hwashin Manufacturing Center, a soft and stately corporation image has been successfully realized.

After changing the company name in 1995, Hwashin has newly established CI for the main office and the affiliated companies. Also, the company has established the method of indicating the company name in English and Korean and succeeded the symbol. Major customers and cooperating companies of Hwashin have been familiar with this CI system for a long time.

Color system

main color:#004098, RGB color-R0+G64+B152, CMYK color-C100+M86+Y8+K1 / sub color:#231816, RGB color-R:35+G:24+B:22, CMYK color-C64+M70+Y68+K79

The color system is on of the three element required for the formation of the corporation identity for Hwashin together with the symbol and the logo.

For the effective usage of the exclusive color, it is necessary to maintain the standard color mentioned by considering the printing method, the density of ink and the quality of paper.

Signature Type

Hwashin signature