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Welcome to the Internet Homepage of Hwashin. chairman Ho Chung

Based on Hwashin Industrial Corporation established in 1969, Hwashin has become a manufacturing corporation for the automobile chassis and body components. Since the beginning period of the automobile industry in Korea, Hwashin has been an industrial leader, securing its leading position in the industry. Based on the technical power, high-tech facilities and excellent manpower for the best quality, Hwashin has provided the best effort and sincerity to become the standard of the leading corporations in the 21st century.

Hwashin is a manufacturing corporation for the automobile components which play the most important role for the durability, driving quality and high level of fuel efficiency

of cars. By providing light and diverse materials and optimal designs for the automobile components, Hwashin has contributed to the mass production of the most environment-friendly automobiles. For such a purpose, the function of the research center established in 1987 has been greatly expanded.

Hwashin has become customer is trustful partner with the cooperation of all the employees participating in the human-oriented open management. Furthermore, Hwashin will continue to play its role as a member of the regional community and accomplish its duties. Hwashin will try the best to implement good ideas properly through the period of infinite competition.

Hwashin, the trustful partner leading the period of infinite competition. President Seojin Chung

Only those with dreams can change the world and make it become more beautiful than before by creating new things. More than 30 years ago, Hwashin was born as a manufacturing company for automobile components on the ground where there was no basis for the automobile industry. With the dream of becoming the Global Leader in the 21st Automobile Component Industry, Hwashin has overcome every kind of hardship and adversity. Hwashin ha been recognized as the global company manufacturing automobile components.

However, even if Hwashin has achieved its dream, the company is not satisfied with it. It is currently dreaming of something bigger. In order to survive in the 21st century with infinite competition, Hwashin is preparing for the second

development in the future based on the current development.

That is right! Through the development of new technologies based on the best products and services with creative researches, Hwashin has played the central role as the manufacturing company for automobile components in Korea. Also, with the advanced competitiveness through the high-tech information-oriented system established on the young challenging spirit and excellent technologies, Hwashin will move towards a bigger world. In order to make the human life more abundant than before and make the world become a better place, Hwashin will try the best to become the global leader. Thank you