The central value of Hwashin for administration is ‘people’

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Global automobile components manufacturer,
Hwashin Co., Ltd
Hwashin is an automobile chassis and
body components manufacturer.

Hwashin that has been playing an important role in the Korean automobile components manufacturing industry by developing new technology based on its high quality products, services, and creative research is heading to the global market with its competitiveness through the state-of-the-art informatization system constructed with its young challenge spirit and outstanding technical skills.

Establishment Date July 1, 1975
President Chairman Ho Chung / President Seojin Chung
Subsidiaries Hwashin Precision Industry Co., Ltd., Hwashin U.S.A., Hwashin India, Hwashin Beijing, Hwashin Brazil, Hwashin Cangzhou, Hwashin Chongqing, Hwashin Vietnam
Annual Sales 1,483.5 billion (as of 2013, K-IFRS)
Number of Employees 1,078 (domestic)
Main Customers Hyundai Motors, Kia Motors,, ZF, GM, etc

Management Philosophy

Creation of higher values, Realization of best quality and customer satisfaction, returning corporate profits and providing opportunities for self development, preservation and protection of natural environment, taking the initiative for development of local community, , realization of competition in good faith between enterprises and coexistence management


G45 The 45 automobile component manufacturing companies that lead the automobile component market
Core values
Customer satisfaction
Creative challenges
Coexistence and cooperation
2021 Goal
Hwashin including its overseas corporations achieved the market share of 7.6% in the global automobile component market withe the total sales of 2.5 trillion
Market extension
Extend global major OEM orders and aggressively penetrate into new markets
Technology extension
Develop higher value-added products by applying new materials and eco-friendly technology
Business area extension
Implement the system integration project through modularization and IT technology
Jump up to be the Global Tier 1 automobile component manufacturer through market extension

Core Values

Customer Orientation
Understanding of customer's needs
Customer satisfaction
Strengthening customer relationship
Emphasis on Principle
Understanding regulations and procedures
Transparent work processing
compliance with procedures
Challenging Spirit
Determination of comprehensive goals
Spontaneous performance
Sense of responsibility for work
Understanding of others
Construction of work network
Creation of synergy effects between relevant departments
Open thinking
Critical mind
Improvement of work perfomance procedures/methods