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Take-off 2006 ~
Current Time
“Hwashin challenges for the best in the world!”

With its passion for 30 years, Hwashin is not afraid of any change. Hwashin has strengthened its position as a global corporation and stabilized the corporations of Hwashin India, Hwashin Beijing and Hwashin USA. In addition, Hwashin has established Hwashin Brazil, moving towards a wider world and overcoming more challenges. Through global management and development of innovative technological products, Hwashin is trying to become a credible corporation by showing its prepared capability as the world-best automobile component manufacturer in the 21st century beyond the top position in Korea. With endless change and challenge, Hwashin manufactures the best automobile components in the world.

Development 1999 ~ 2005
“Global HWASHIN, becoming a global corporation
  by overcoming the financial crisis”

When the entire country was shaken by the financial crisis in 1998, Hwashin successfully overcame the difficulty through general effort and foreign exports. Based on such a result, Hwashin continued to show stable growth and challenge for the accomplishment of its vision as a global corporation manufacturing automobile components. Hwashin is now moving towards the world beyond Korea, getting reputation not only in India and China but also in USA, the home-country for cars. Hwashin has established Hwashin India(2002), Hwashin Beijing(2002) and Hwashin USA(2003). Also, with thorough localization strategies and technologies, Hwashin is playing an important role for the introduction of Korean cars in the global market. Through its passion in the field for 30 years, Hwashin will become the leading global corporation manufacturing automobile components in the future automobile market.

Growth 1989 ~ 1998
“Development and Improvement,
  the Legend of EXCEL and the Development of Hwashin”

Hwashin Manufacturing Center successfully developed the rear suspension arm with high quality by participating in the process of developing the components for EXCEL which had been newly developed by Hyundai Motors with a new concept. Together with the success for EXCEL, Hwashin Manufacturing Center became a manufacturing corporation in the field of chassis components. By establishing the main office in Eonha-dong and the factory in Bong-dong, Hwashin Manufacturing Center showed continuous growth with the help of the mature technology and the exclusive manufacturing system. In 1994, Hwashin Manufacturing Center became a pulic corporation by publicly announcing its status. In the following year, it was changed to Hwashin Co.,Ltd. and led new changes. In 1995, Sae Hwashin Co.,Ltd. was established in Yesan, Chungcheongnam-do, in order to open a new period for the west coast. By establishing Hwashin Precision Engineering for precision technologies and A/S, Hwashin established a group structure. Also, Hwashin showed its status of the domestic corporation manufacturing chassis components.

Introduction 1982 ~ 1988
“Growth and Stability,
  the Development based on Technologies”

Hwashin Manufacturing Center overcame the difficulty caused by the 2nd Oil Crisis by sharing the overall damage. In 1985, it established Hwashin Mold and provided its effort for the improvement of the original technology by actualizing the precision design and the NC processing. Also, the research section was separated as an independent research center. For the development of products and the imporvement of designing abilities, multilateral efforts were provided. By providing Stella with the cross-member of the MacPearson type for the first time in Korea, Hwashin actualized advanced technologies and strengthened the training for foreign technologies and the activities for quality management for the continuous quality improvement.

Quickening 1975 ~ 1981
“With challenge and passion, Hwashin provides hope in
  the place with a lack of automobile components.”

Since Pony, which was the first original car manufactured in Korea, was born, Hwashin has tried to become the automobile company manufacturing automobile chassis components. With passion and ambition, Honorary President Jaehyeong Jeong, who had established Hwashin Industrial Corporation, predicted the future of the automobile industry in Korea together withe President Ho Jeong and established Hwashin Manufacturing Center. Hwashin Manufacturing Center, which had been established in Taejeon-dong, Chilgok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, succeeded Hwashin Industrial Corporation and started to manufacture the automobile components for Pony which was the first original model in Korea together wite the front lower-arm and upper-arm of Cortina, becoming the leading company in the automobile component industry in Korea.