We introduce the beginning of automobile component technology of Hwashin.

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Hwashin Research Center for the maximization
of the technological research and product development

Hwashin Research Center is trying the best to play a central role for the development of automotive components and technologies in Korea in the 21st century.

Introduction of the Research Center

Hwashin, an automobile component development and manufacturing company, established the company-affiliated research institute ‘Hwashin Technology Research Center’ in August 1987.

Establishing the Hwashin Technology Research Center, the company secured outstanding human resource, high-tech computer systems, and state-of-the-art test equipment according to the long-term research and development plan. In order to develop advanced technology such as new manufacturing technology, materials, and methods, the company has been performing industrial-academic-research joint researches and nation projects and developing research development manpower by providing specialized education to researchers. Based on its accumulated technology, the company is making efforts to contribute to developing domestic automobile component technology of the 21st century.

Hwashin Technology Research Center, composed of teams specialized in product design, computational interpretation, precedent study, test, prototyping, manufacturing line process design, and mold process technology development, is striving for research and development to maximize the abilities of technology research and product development.


Parts Design - CATIA V5/V4, Pro-E, UG
Stress Analysis - NASTRAN
Fatigue Analysis - FATIGUE, Design Life
Multi-body Dynamics - ADAMS
Crash Analysis - PAM-STAMP 2G, LS-DYNA
Buckling Analysis - ABAQUS
Pre & Post Processor - HyperMESH, I-DESA
Stamping Analysis - PAM-STAMP 2G, LS-DYNA, AUTOFORM
Fluid Analysis - S/C TETRA
Optimization Analysis - Optistruc
Robot Simulation - eM Workplace